account-info method


Getting information about the status of the user account.

Required permissions: account-info

Input parameters



If successful, returns a JSON document containing the following:

Parameter Type Description
account string User's account number.
balance amount User's account balance.
currency string User's account currency code. Always 643 (ruble of the Russian Federation by the ISO 4217 standard).
account_status string The user's status. Possible values:
  • anonymous - anonymous account
  • named - named account
  • identified - identified account
account_type string User's account type. Possible values:
  • personal - user account in Yandex.Money
  • professional - professional business account in Yandex.Money
balance_details object Detailed information about the balance. By default, this section is omitted. This section appears if there are now or ever have been:
  • deferred deposits
  • negative balance
  • blocked funds


cards_linked array

Information about bank cards linked to the account.

If the account does not have any cards linked to it, the parameter is omitted. If the account has at least one card linked to it, the parameter contains a list of information about the linked cards.

Parameters of the balance_details object:

Parameter Type Description
total amount Total account balance.
available amount Amount available for payments.
deposition_pending amount The amount of pending deposits. If there are no pending deposits, the parameter is omitted.
blocked amount The amount of funds blocked by authorities. If there are no blocked funds, the parameter is omitted.
debt amount The amount owed (the negative balance on the account). If the balance is positive, this parameter is omitted.
hold amount Amount of frozen funds. If there are no frozen funds, the parameter is omitted.

Parameters for the cards_linked object:

Parameter Type Description
pan_fragment string Masked card number.
type string Card type. May be omitted if unknown. Possible values:
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • AmericanExpress
  • JCB

Request example:

POST /api/account-info HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 0

Response example:

  "account": "4100123456789",
  "balance": 1000.00,
  "currency": "643",
  "account_status": "anonymous",
  "account_type": "personal",
  "cards_linked": [
      "pan_fragment": "510000******9999",
      "type": "MasterCard"