incoming-transfer-accept method


Accepting incoming transfers with a secret code and deferred transfers.

There is a limit on the number of attempts to accept an incoming transfer with a secret code. When the allowed number of attempts have been used up, the transfer is automatically rejected (the transfer is returned to the sender).

Required token permissions: incoming-transfers.

Input parameters

Parameter Type Description
operation_id string Identifier of the operation; the value of the operation_id parameter in the response to the operation-history method.
protection_code string Secret code. String of four decimal digits. Specified for an incoming transfer protected by a secret code. Omitted for deferred transfers.


The method returns the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
status string Operation result code (see the table).
error string Operation processing error code (additional description for the status field). Present only for errors.
protection_code_attempts_available int The remaining number of attempts to accept an incoming transfer that is protected by a secret code. Present only if the wrong secret code was entered.
ext_action_uri string The address to send the user to in order to complete necessary actions if the ext_action_required error occurs.

Operation processing result codes:

Code Description
success The incoming transfer was accepted successfully.
refused Refusal to perform the operation.

If an error occurred while processing the transaction, the error code is returned:

Code Description
illegal_param_protection_code Omitted or has an invalid value for the protection_code parameter.
illegal_param_operation_id Omitted or has an invalid value for the operation_id parameter. A transfer with this operation_id does not exist or has already been refused.
ext_action_required Transfers cannot be accepted at this time. To be able to accept transfers, the user must go to the page with the ext_action_uri address and follow the instructions on that page. This may be any of the following actions:
  • entering identification data
  • accepting the offer
  • performing other actions according to the instructions on the page
already_rejected The transfer was already rejected.


Accepting an incoming transfer protected by a secret code:

POST /api/incoming-transfer-accept HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 41


Example response when successful:


Example response if an invalid secret code was entered: