Searching for business details


This method is for searching for payment forms in Yandex.Money using details of the business or organization.

Request format

GET /api/showcase-search?query=<request>&records=<quantity> HTTP/1.1
Accept-Language: <lang>

Request URL parameters:

Parameter Type Description
query string The search query, word or phrase.
records int Maximum number of records in the method output.

The request may contain the following HTTP headers:

Header Description
Accept-Language The code of the language that the client wants to get the form description in, conforming to

RFC-5646: Tags for Identifying Languages

IANA Language Subtag Registry

Possible values:

  • ru — Russian
  • en — English

By default: Russian.


Parameter Type Description
error string Error code. Passed if an error occurred when executing the request.
result array List of results.
nextPage boolean A predicate that determines whether there are records over the requested limit.

The result element contains:

Parameter Type Description
id int The payment form ID (pattern_id).
title string Name of the recipient.
url string Address for sending payment form data.
params object Set of pre-filled fields from the first step of the payment form.
format string Format of the payment form. Possible values:
  • json
May be omitted. The form description can only be requested when format equals "json".

Operation processing error codes:

Code Description
illegal_param_query Invalid value for the query parameter:
  • Parameter omitted.
  • Contains an empty string.
  • Contains an invalid value.
illegal_param_records Invalid value for the records parameter:
  • Parameter omitted.
  • Contains a non-number.
  • Contains an invalid value (for example, -1).


Querying details for the string "PetroElectric":

GET /api/showcase-search?query=Petroelectrosbyt&records=3 HTTP/1.1
Accept: */*


HTTP/1.1 200 OKContent-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8Content-Length: 454{"result":[{"id":5670,"title":"PetroElectric"},{"id":5551,"title":"PETROELECTRIC, INC","url":"","params":{"supplierInn":""},"format":"json"},{"id":5551,"title":"PetroElectric, Inc","url":"","params":{"supplierInn":"7812013775"},"format":"json"}],"nextPage":"false"}