Email notifications of payments

Attention. This is an old version of the API. Switch to the Yandex.Checkout API.
If you activate the email protocol, you enter the email address for payment notifications in your personal dashboard.

Notifications are sent in the message body and signed with the Yandex.Money certificate (S/MIME signature).

A separate notification is generated for the results of each successful payment.

Email notification fields

The second column shows the parameter from the payment form that the value is taken from in this field.

Notification field

Payment form parameter


Notice #

Number of email transfer notice sent to merchant. Numbering is continuous.


Legal name of the store. Specified during activation.

Time of payment

Date and time of transfer by Yandex.Checkout's clock (Moscow time) in hh:mm:ss format.



Amount of payment. The decimals are separated by the dot, and there is always two digits after the decimal point. There is no thousands separator.

Transaction number

Unique transaction number in Yandex.Checkout.

Payer ID


Customer ID used by merchant.

Number used by merchant


Unique order number in the merchant's system. If this field is empty, the value from the Transaction number field is used.

Full name


Payer's full name.

Delivery address


Address to deliver the product, or the Payer's address.



Payer's email address.

Order contents


Order details: the list of purchased items, quantities, the payment designation, and other information about the order.


Some fields may have empty values if you didn't include the corresponding parameter in the payment form, or the user didn't enter anything in the field.

Example of email notification

Subject: Yandex.Dengi payment for Store_Name No. 87

Notification No. 87
Recipient: "Store_name" LLC
Time of transfer: 18.01.2008 16:32:37
Amount: 12.00 RUB
Transaction number: 1099511628638
Payer's ID: 4637937
Number in store: 1099511628638
Filled out by the payer in the store's payment form:
Full name: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
Delivery address: Moscow, 3-24 Moskovskaya st.
The contents of the order: order description

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