Payment via external payment systems

Attention. This is an old version of the API. Switch to the Yandex.Checkout API.

The interaction flow between the merchant and Yandex.Checkout when the order is paid using Sberbank: SMS payment or Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, Promsvyazbank online banking, QIWI Wallet, or a WebMoney wallet (from hereafter referred to as an external payment system) differs from the basic scenario.

Interaction flow

Steps 1 and 2 are the same as in the main scenario.

1. The user selects the payment method (on the store's website or in Yandex.Checkout) and clicks Pay.

2. Data that the user enters is sent to Yandex.Checkout.

3-4. The user is asked to enter the payment data that is required for the chosen external payment system.


For payment from a WebMoney purse, additional data isn't entered. The user is immediately redirected to the WebMoney interface.

There are three options when paying through Sberbank Online:

  1. The user goes to Yandex.Checkout and enters additional information (as in this flow).
  2. The user goes to Sberbank Online right from the merchant's page. The merchant sends Yandex.Checkout an invoice request (createInvoice), and specifies invoiceType=sberbank and payMethod=online. In response, they get a redirect link (in the externalPaymentUrl parameter) and redirect the user independently. The user logs into Sberbank Online and pays the bill. See createInvoice method
  3. The user confirms the payment via SMS. The merchant sends Yandex.Checkout a request to create an invoice (createInvoice) with the invoiceType=sberbank parameter. The user gets an SMS with their Sberbank account information and confirms payment by responding to it. See Payment from an account in an SMS message

5-7. Yandex.Checkout transmits the payment amount and information about the product and user (if necessary) to the external payment system.

8. The user goes to the external payment system's interface to complete the payment.

9-11. The payment is further processed within the external payment system: showing item information, the payment verification method, informing the user of transaction results, and the possibility to redirect the user to the store's website after payment all depend on the particular payment system.

12-17. Order verification (calling checkOrder) can be made before invoicing, or during the payment process. In the latter case, Yandex.Checkout executes the Order verification (checkOrder) and Notification of payment (paymentAviso) requests after it gets user-payment confirmation from the external payment system.


When a user pays through MasterPass, the AC (i.e. using an unspecified bank card) payment method will be indicated in the Yandex.Checkout requests and the accepted payments report.

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