Payment via Sberbank's mobile app

Attention. This is an old version of the API. Switch to the Yandex.Checkout API.

This scenario allows for performing payments from you mobile app via Sberbank's mobile app using using deep linking. The buyer from your app immediately proceeds to the payment in Sberbank's app without any additional actions.


You can only carry out this scenario from a mobile app; mobile websites will not work.

Setup instructions for iOS and Android

Interaction scenario

  1. A buyer wants to pay for a product or service via your mobile app.
  2. This buyer selects payment via Sberbank Online.
  3. You check whether the buyer has Sberbank's app installed on the device.
  4. If the app is installed, you launch this app using the createInvoice method and receive a response with the order identifier RQUID (required for deep linking).
  5. Then you create deep link with this identifier and redirect the buyer by this deep link to Sberbank's mobile app. See Configuration instructions
  6. The buyer completes authorization in the app and lands directly on the screen for paying your invoice.
  7. The buyer confirms the payment.
  8. Then the buyer goes back to your app (if you provided the address for redirecting to in the deep link).

See also

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