Payment from an account in an SMS message

Attention. This is an old version of the API. Switch to the Yandex.Checkout API.

This scenario allows the merchant to initiate deducting money from the user's account. During the payment process, the user doesn't need to enter additional parameters. An SMS message is sent to the user's phone with the payment amount and the confirmation code. The payment confirmation method depends on the payment method (it is defined by the value of the invoiceType parameter). There are two options: either the user sends the confirmation code as a reply to the text message, or enters the code in a special box on the store's website.

This scenario is very different from the typical scenario.

Available payment methods:

  • Sberbank Mobile Banking
  • WebMoney purse

To accept payments this way, you need to get:

  • The user's ID:
    • phone number linked to Sberbank Mobile Bank;
    • WebMoney purse number
  • The user's agreement with the Yandex.Money conditions (you can link to it from your website).

You can activate this payment scenario on request: send email to your Yandex.Checkout manager.

Interaction flow

  1. The merchant sends a request to process a payment (createInvoice).
  2. Yandex.Checkout initiates the process of debiting funds from the user's account.
  3. The confirmation method depends on the payment method:
    • The selected payment service sends the user an SMS message requesting to confirm the payment by sending a reply.

    • The selected payment service sends an SMS message with a code that the user should enter on the store's website. In this case, the store sends the request to confirm payment (confirmInvoice).

  4. If the user confirmed the payment, the store gets a standard notification of the transfer (paymentAviso).

To get the payment status without waiting for the paymentAviso, you can re-send the request (createInvoice) with the same parameters. Remember that the user needs sufficient time for confirming the payment.

Methods of payment confirmation

Payment method



Sberbank Mobile Banking

SMS reply to the phone number that Sberbank Mobile Banking is activated for

The merchant doesn't need to request payment confirmation.

WebMoney Purse

Entering the confirmation code on the merchant's side.

The merchant must send a payment confirmation request (confirmInvoice).

Special considerations for Sberbank Mobile Banking

Sending the SMS via Sberbank Mobile Banking may take up to 10 minutes.

Sberbank Mobile Banking allows payments for amounts from 10 to 10,000 rubles.


Yandex.Checkout doesn't send information if there is no Sberbank Mobile account linked to the phone number in question.

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