Synonym of the bank card number

Receiving and storing bank card numbers is subject to the PCI DSS standard. For this reason, Yandex.Money stores bank card data on its own servers and provides the Counterparty with card synonyms skr_destinationCardSynonim and masks skr_destinationCardPanmask for showing the user, along with other card parameters that were detected during processing. The Counterparty can store the synonyms, masks, and additional card parameters on their side without risk of leaks: publishing this information will not lead to any financial loss or image discrediting.

The Counterparty places a form for entering card data on their website. After confirming input, the form data is sent to the address in a POST method. The service processes the received data and uses the GET method to redirect the payer to the address specified in skr_successUrl or skr_errorUrl. If successful, the synonym, mask, and additional parameters of the payer's card are appended to the address.

Request for getting a card synonym

Request parameters for getting a card synonym





xs:string, up to 25 characters

Bank card number.


xs:string, up to 8 characters

Format of the response to the request. Possible values: redirect or json. If the parameter is omitted, redirect is used by default.


xs:string, up to 250 characters

Redirect address for an error.


xs:string, up to 250 characters

Redirect address if successful.

Code sample for a page for storing the card number on the Yandex.Money side and getting its synonym

<html>    <body>        <form action= method=post>        <input type=text name=skr_destinationCardNumber> <br>        <input type=hidden name=skr_responseFormat value=redirect> <br>        <input type=text name="skr_errorUrl" value=""> <br>        <input type=text name="skr_successUrl" value=""> <br>         <input type=submit value="Save">    </body></html>

Parameters of the response to the request




Mandatory parameters

xs:string, up to 25 characters

Bank card mask.


xs:string, up to 100 characters

Bank card synonym.


xs:string, up to 100 characters

Result of data processing:

  • success if successful,
  • cardinvalid if failed.

Additional parameters


xs:string, up to 200 characters

Name of the card-issuing bank.


xs:string, up to 3 characters

Digital code of the card-issuing country.


xs:string, up to 100 characters

Name of the card's payment system.


xs:string, up to 1000 characters

Name of the card product.


xs:string, up to 20 characters

Code of the card product

Example of a redirect format response


Example of a JSON format response for successfully saving the card number


Example of a JSON format response for failure to save the card number


The Counterparty uses the synonym of the card number received in the response from Yandex.Money deposit requests. Yandex.Money uses the received synonym to determine the recipient's card number.