Transfer to bank account

In the request parameters, the Counterparty passes the recipient data: the bank account number and passport information.

Recipient IDs
Recipient's account type dstAccount
Bank Account 2570066962077
Request parameters

Name of the paymentParams field



Account details

CustAccount xs:long, 20 characters

Number of the recipient's bank account.

BankBIK xs:long, 9 characters

Bank's BIK number.

payment_purpose xs:string, up to 100 Cyrillic characters

Payment designation or other information for the bank (may be empty).

Confirmation of acceptance of terms

pof_offerAccepted xs:int, 1 character

Flag indicating the user's acceptance of the terms (1 — accepted).

Personal data of the payment recipient

pdr_lastName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters

Last name.

pdr_firstName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters

First name.

pdr_middleName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters

Middle name. Required, if it is listed in the passport.

pdr_birthDate xs:string, 10 characters Date of birth in the format DD.MM.YYYY
pdr_docNumber xs:long, 10 characters

Passport series and number for a Russian citizen (without spaces).

pdr_docIssueYear xs:int, 4 characters

Year the passport was issued, in the format YYYY

pdr_docIssueMonth xs:int, 2 characters

Month the passport was issued, in the format MM

pdr_docIssueDay xs:int, 2 characters

Day the passport was issued, in the format DD

pdr_address xs:string, up to 100 Cyrillic characters


smsPhoneNumber xs:long, up to 15 characters

Phone number in international format (79...).

Additional parameters (optional)
BankName xs:string, up to 200 Cyrillic characters Name of the bank.
BankCity xs:string , Cyrillic characters The city where the bank branch is located.
BankCorAccount xs:long , 20 characters Correspondence account of the bank branch.

In the payment_purpose parameter, the Counterparty may specify any additional data for the bank for depositing the transfer, as needed.

Example of request for depositing payment to bank account
<makeDepositionRequest agentId="200225"                       clientOrderId="272517"                       requestDT="2013-04-12T00:01:54.000Z"                       dstAccount="2570066962077"                       amount="249.00"                       currency="643"                       contract="">         <paymentParams>                       <CustAccount>40817810255030943620</CustAccount>                       <BankBIK>042809679</BankBIK>                       <payment_purpose>Refund for contract 25-001, no VAT</payment_purpose>                       <pdr_firstName>Vladimir</pdr_firstName>                                         <pdr_middleName>Vladimirovich</pdr_middleName>                       <pdr_lastName>Vladimirov</pdr_lastName>                       <pof_offerAccepted>1</pof_offerAccepted>                       <pdr_docNumber>4002109067</pdr_docNumber>                       <pdr_docIssueYear>1999</pdr_docIssueYear>                        <pdr_docIssueMonth>07</pdr_docIssueMonth>                        <pdr_docIssueDay>30</pdr_docIssueDay>                       <pdr_address>v. Bolshaya Vasyuki, ul. Commissioner Kozyavkin, 4</pdr_address>                       <pdr_birthDate>24.05.1987</pdr_birthDate>                       <smsPhoneNumber>79653457676</smsPhoneNumber>         </paymentParams></makeDepositionRequest>