Transfer to bank card

To transfer money to a bank card, the Counterparty sends a set of recipient data in the request parameter: the bank card synonym and personal information.

Bank card synonym

Receiving and storing bank card numbers is subject to the PCI DSS standard, so Yandex.Money stores card data on its side. In order to allow the Counterparty to make payouts to cards, Yandex.Money provide them with:

  • card synonym skr_destinationCardSynonim — card's ID in the Yandex.Money system;
  • card's mask to be displayed to the user skr_destinationCardPanmask;
  • additional card parameters that have been defined during processing.

The Counterparty can store this data on their side without the risk of leakage: publishing this information will not lead to any financial loss or image discrediting.

User's personal details

Personal details must be sent in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Passport information (full name, series, passport number and date of issue, date of birth, nationality) and phone number are required.

If the card is issued by a non-Russian bank or if the payment exceeds 15,000 rubles, additional data about the user's place of residence must be provided.

  • If the card is issued by a non-Russian bank, the payout amount will not affect the number of fields: you should always send an expanded set of details.
  • If you don't send all the information, the money transfer request (makeDeposition) will return an error (error=48).

Scenarios for making payouts to cards

You can collect data independently or using the Yandex.Money form.

Attention. Notify the manager if you want to use this form: they will send you additional settings.
Obtaining the bank card synonym and the user's personal data independently

The Counterparty must:

  1. embed a form for entering user's personal details on your website and collect data;
  2. send a money transfer request (makeDeposition) containing the received synonym, user's personal data, and confirmation of acceptance of the offer.

Yandex.Money will verify the personal details every time the Counterparty sends the makeDeposition request.

Obtaining a synonym and collecting personal data on Yandex.Money's side

The Counterparty must:

  1. redirect the user to the Yandex.Money's form for collecting bank card data and personal details and obtain the card synonym and user ID;
  2. send a money transfer request (makeDeposition) containing the data obtained in Step 1 as well as the confirmation of acceptance of the offer.

Yandex.Money will verify the personal details only during the obtaining process.

Request for transfering money to a bank card

Recipient ID (dstAccount)
Recipient's account type dstAccount
Bank card 25700130535186
Request parameters
Name of the paymentParams field Type Description
skr_destinationCardSynonim xs:string, up to 50 characters

Synonym of the bank card number.

Required parameter

pof_offerAccepted xs:int, 1 character

Confirmation of the user's acceptance of the terms (1 — accepted).

Required parameter

User information is required when collecting data using the Yandex.Money form
cps_ymAccount xs:string, up to 25 characters User ID in Yandex.Money. Same as the accountNumber parameter value received in response after user identification via the form
Personal details of the payment recipient are required when collecting data independently
pdr_lastName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters

Last name

pdr_firstName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters First name
pdr_middleName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters Middle name. Required, if specified in the passport
pdr_docNumber xs:long, 10 characters Passport series and number for a Russian citizen (without spaces)
pdr_docIssueDate xs:string, 10 characters Passport's date of issue, in the DD.MM.YYYY format
smsPhoneNumber xs:long, up to 15 characters Phone number of the payment recipient in international format (79...)
pdr_birthDate xs:string, 10 characters Date of birth in the format DD.MM.YYYY
pdr_country xs:int, 3 digits Nationality. Specified as a numeric country code (643 for Russian Federation)
Additional personal information (if the payment exceeds 15,000 rubles or if the card was issued by a non-Russian bank) is required when collecting data independently
pdr_city xs:string, up to 30 Cyrillic characters Payment recipient's city
pdr_address xs:string, up to 100 Cyrillic characters Payment recipient's address
pdr_postcode xs:long, 6 characters Postal code
Example of a request for funds deposit to bank card (reduced set of fields)
  contract="Money transfer to a bank card"
Example of a request for funds deposit to bank card (full set of fields)
  contract="Money transfer to a bank card"
    <pdr_address>Невский проспект, д 1, к 2, кв 1</pdr_address>
Example of a request for funds deposit to bank card (collection of data on the Yandex.Money's side)
  contract="Money transfer to bank card">

If an error occurs when executing a transfer to a bank card (error=48), the Yandex.Money response may contain additional explanatory text (techMessage):

  • notRegistrationRecord — missing required parameters (pdr_). The missing fields are listed additionally.
  • "Банк отклонил перевод денег на данную карту" — the bank declined to transfer funds to this card.
  • "Банк отклонил операцию" — the bank declined the operation.
  • "Превышен лимит операций" — exceeded the limit on operations.
  • "Паспортные данные не прошли проверку" — passport information didn't pass verification.

Example of an error message

  techMessage="Не заданы или неверно заданы поля: pdr_docIssueDate"

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