Transfer to bank card

To transfer funds to a bank card, the Counterparty passes a set of recipient data in the request parameters: the bank card synonym and passport information. (For more information about getting the card synonym, see Synonym of the bank card number)

Recipient IDs
Recipient's account type dstAccount
Bank card 25700130535186
Request parameters
Name of the paymentParams field Type Description
Card data
skr_destinationCardSynonim xs:string, up to 50 characters Receiving and storing the full card number is subject to the PCI DSS standard, so transfers use the bank card synonym.
Confirmation of acceptance of terms
pof_offerAccepted xs:int, 1 character Flag indicating the user's acceptance of the terms (1 — accepted).
Personal data of the payment recipient
pdr_lastName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters

Last name.

pdr_firstName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters First name.
pdr_middleName xs:string, up to 50 Cyrillic characters Middle name. Required, if it is listed in the passport.
pdr_docNumber xs:long, 10 characters Passport series and number for a Russian citizen (without spaces).
pdr_docIssueYear xs:int, 4 characters Year the passport was issued, in the format YYYY
pdr_docIssueMonth xs:int, 2 characters Month the passport was issued, in the format MM
pdr_docIssueDay xs:int, 2 characters Day the passport was issued, in the format DD
smsPhoneNumber xs:long, up to 15 characters Phone number of the payment recipient, in international format (79...).
pdr_birthDate xs:string, 10 characters Date of birth in the format DD.MM.YYYY
pdr_birthPlace xs:string, up to 65 Cyrillic characters Place of birth.
pdr_docIssuedBy xs:string, up to 100 Cyrillic characters Passport issuer.
pdr_country xs:int, 3 digits The numeric country code (643 for Russia is the value for real payments and the demo environment).
pdr_city xs:string, up to 30 Cyrillic characters Payment recipient's city.
pdr_address xs:string, up to 100 Cyrillic characters Payment recipient's address.
pdr_postcode xs:long, 6 characters Postal code.
Example request for funds deposit to bank card
<makeDepositionRequest agentId="200225"                       clientOrderId="272517"                       requestDT="2013-04-12T00:01:54.000Z"                       dstAccount="25700130535186"                       amount="249.00"                       currency="643"                       contract=""><paymentParams><skr_destinationCardSynonim>b0af887ae9ad01fe01ca65df7cff19a7b5fcbf8b_scn</skr_destinationCardSynonim>                       <pdr_firstName>Vladimir</pdr_firstName>                       <pdr_middleName>Vladimirovich</pdr_middleName>                       <pdr_lastName>Vladimirov</pdr_lastName>                       <pdr_docNumber>4002109067</pdr_docNumber>                       <pdr_postcode>194044</pdr_postcode>                       <pdr_country>643</pdr_country>                       <pdr_city>Saint Petersburg</pdr_city>                       <pdr_address>12 Bolshoy pr. PS</pdr_address>                       <pdr_birthDate>24.05.1987</pdr_birthDate>                       <pdr_birthPlace>Novosibirsk</pdr_birthPlace>                       <pdr_docIssueYear>1999</pdr_docIssueYear>                       <pdr_docIssueMonth>07</pdr_docIssueMonth>                       <pdr_docIssueDay>30</pdr_docIssueDay>                       <pdr_docIssuedBy>TP No. 20 in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast</pdr_docIssuedBy>                       <pof_offerAccepted>1</pof_offerAccepted>                       <smsPhoneNumber>79653457676</smsPhoneNumber></paymentParams></makeDepositionRequest>

If an error occurs when executing a transfer to a bank card, the Yandex.Money response may contain additional explanatory text (techMessage):

  • notRegistrationRecord — missing required parameters (pdr_). The missing fields are listed additionally.
  • The bank declined to transfer funds to this card.
  • The bank declined the operation.
  • Exceeded the limit on operations.