Activating payouts

You can send disbursements using Yandex.Checkout under a separate agreement for the transfer of money to individuals. If you aren't using Yandex.Checkout yet, submit an application to activate it (you will be assigned a personal manager who will help you through each step). Tell the manager that you need to use mass disbursements. The manager will send you an application for activation that will be used for creating the agreement.

Perform integration using the protocol

To do this:

  • Get an agentId from your manager (a Counterparty ID).
  • Fill out the technical questionnaire and send it to your manager:
    • A list of IP addresses that you will be making payments from.
    • Email address for getting payment reports.
    • URL for sending error notifications.
  • Get a certificate for accessing the Yandex.Money servers.
  • Implement this protocol.

Then you will need to transfer the security amount to a special account for disbursements.

Test disbursements

You will get email with test data and instructions for testing.

Switch disbursements to production mode

In production mode, disbursements are sent to a special address. You can get this address from Yandex.Checkout technical experts after testing.

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