Notification of unsuccessful transfer (errorDepositionNotification)

The errorDepositionNotification request allows notifying the Counterparty of an unsuccessful (returned) transfer to a bank account, card, or mobile phone (see Funds deposits).

Conditions for returns:

  • for transfers to bank card:
    • The bank that issued the recipient's card declined the payment
    • Recipient's passport information didn't pass verification.
  • for transfers to a bank account:
    • Bank declined payment; need to check account information
    • Recipient's passport information didn't pass verification.
  • For a deposit to a mobile phone: the mobile carrier declined the payment.

Request format

Request parameters




clientOrderId ClientTransactionNumber

ID of the operation received from the Counterparty's system in the request for funds deposit (makeDeposition).

requestDT xs:dateTime

The date and time the operation request was executed on the Yandex.Money side, according to their system.

dstAccount YMAccount

Identifier of the transfer recipient.

amount CurrencyAmount

The transfer amount. For example: 12.34.

currency CurrencyCode

Currency code of the transfer. Possible value—643 (Russian ruble).

error xs:string

Operation error code

Request example
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<errorDepositionNotificationRequest clientOrderId="12345" 

Format of the Counterparty's response

Response parameters




status xs:int

Result of executing the operation. The notification is considered delivered if the response contains the status Success (status=0). In all other cases, Yandex.Money repeats the attempt to deliver the notification.

clientOrderId ClientTransactionNumber

A copy of the clientOrderId request parameter.

processedDT xs:dateTime

Time when the request was processed, according to the Yandex.Money server.

Example of the response
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<errorDepositionNotificationResponse clientOrderId="12345" 

Rules for request processing

  1. The Yandex.Money service passes the notification of a failed transfer in a separate HTTP request containing a PKCS#7 cryptographic message. For each notification, you should respond with a message about the operation result placed in a PKCS#7 cryptographic message. The rules for forming the request and response are defined in the section Interaction format. The Yandex.Money service sends the notification to the address of the technical contact that is specified in the Yandex.Checkout personal dashboard or in the technical questionnaire (errorDepositionNotificationURL).
  2. You should respond to Yandex.Money requests within 10 seconds. A notification is considered delivered if the status Success (status=0) is received in the Counterparty's response.
  3. If a response from the Counterparty is not received over a prolonged period (or if repeated technical errors occur), Yandex.Money will continue trying to deliver the notification over the next 24 hours. The first attempt is after 2 minutes, then after 4 minutes, after 10, and so on, with increasing intervals.
  4. The notification contains the operation ID (clientOrderId) received from the Counterparty in the request for funds deposit (makeDeposition).

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