Funds deposit (makeDeposition)

Operation for sending a transfer to a Yandex.Money Wallet, a bank account in rubles, a bank card, or a mobile phone account. The payment recipient is defined in the value of the dstAccount parameter. The paymentParams parameters pass data that is required for depositing to the appropriate account. This includes the recipient's agreement with the Yandex.Checkout terms ( pof_offerAccepted ). The Counterparty must publish a link to the terms and conditions on their website:

Verification of recipient's passport information

In requests to debit to a bank account or bank card, the recipient's personal data must be passed. Before making the deposit, Yandex.Money verifies this data using the active passport database of the GUMV MVD (Glavnoye upravlenie po voprosam migratsii Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del). This is required under Russian law.

This verification takes place immediately after the makeDepostion request is sent. During the day, the verification takes approximately 10 minutes, at night (from 1:00 to 6:00) — up to 3 hours. Passport data needs to be checked once, subsequent requests using the same data will go through quicker.

  1. Initially, the response to the request is "processing" (status=1). This means that Yandex.Money is verifying the data.
  2. In 10 minutes a repeat request can be sent to find out the deposit status:
    1. If it was successful, status=0 is returned in response
    2. If payment didn't go through, the errorDepositionNotification is sent.

If data doesn't pass verification, Yandex.Money returns a deposit error (error=48) with an explanation of the error. More information about request processing

Format of requests

Described in the Protocol for deposits to Wallets. See Funds deposit (makeDeposition)

Parameters specific to deposits




Required parameters
dstAccount YMAccount

ID of the transfer recipient.

The ID can be the Wallet number, phone number, or payment code.

The user's Wallet number in Yandex.Money, such as 4100175017397. The length is from 11 to 16 digits.

Phone number linked to a Yandex.Money Wallet. The money will be deposited to this Wallet. Only mobile phone numbers from Russian mobile carriers are allowed. Format: number type 79217575400, 11 digits with no additional characters or spaces.


If the ID passed is a phone number that isn't linked to a Yandex.Money Wallet, the money is deposited to this mobile phone account.

The payment code is generated in the Yandex.Money service. Format: row of digits with no spaces; may begin with 255, 256, 257.

Possible values are described in the Transfer to bank card, Transfer to bank account, and Transfer to mobile phone account sections.

Optional parameters
paymentParams xs:complexType

Request element for transmitting additional transfer parameters. Possible values are described in the Transfer to bank card, Transfer to bank account, and Transfer to mobile phone account sections.

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