Reports on successful and returned payouts

Once a day, Yandex.Money generates reports on payouts completed and returned, and sends them as email attachments to the counterparty's address.

There are two report formats:

  • The default is CSV format for automatic processing (see the protocol for deposits to wallets).
  • XLS format for manual parsing. This format is sent on request (described on this page).

Reports for manual parsing

By default, the report is sent in another format for automatic processing. If you need reports for manual parsing, send a request to your manager.

Reports are created as XLS files and sent as email attachments to the counterparty's address. The emails are signed with the Yandex.Money certificate (S/MIME signature).

The report on deposited payouts contains all transfers made on the specified date.

The report on returned payouts contains all the transfers returned (partially or completely) on the specified date.

The subject of the email is based on a template (numbering is continuous)
PAYMENT REGISTER FOR <The name of the company> FOR <date of payment in the DD-MM-YYYY format>. No. <number>

Format of the successful payments report

File name
Report fields
Field Value
AGENT ID Counterparty ID.

Date in the format DD-MM-YYYY

The report shows payments marked with this date.

No. The sequential number of the report.
Transaction number Unique transaction number in the Yandex.Money service (string, maximum of 32 characters). The value of the clientOrderId parameter from the makeDeposition request.
Amount Amount of the transaction. The decimal separator is the comma, always two decimal characters after the decimal point. There is no thousands separator. The value of the "amount" parameter from the makeDeposition request.
Currency The currency used for the transaction. A three-letter code. For example: RUB – Russian rubles.
Recipient ID ID of the transfer recipient. The value of the dstAccount parameter from the makeDeposition request.
Additional details

One of three values, depending on the payment designation.

To a bank account: the recipient's bank account number.

To a bank card: the synonym of the bank card number.

To a mobile phone account:

  • PROPERTY1 — Mobile carrier code.
  • PROPERTY2 — Phone number.

PROPERTY1 and PROPERTY2 are joined together. Present if they were passed in the makeDeposition request.

Recipient's full name

Information about the transfer recipient from the makeDeposition request:

  • pdr_lastName — Last name.
  • pdr_firstName — First name.
  • pdr_middleName — Patronymic.

They are joined together as one word. Passed only for payments to bank cards or accounts.

Time of payment

The time when the transfer was deposited to the recipient's account. Found in the response to makeDeposition. If the funds were returned, this is the time of the refund operation from the recipient's account.

The date and time is in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss, according to the Yandex.Money server.


The account to credit the money to. Possible options:

  • Yandex.Money Wallet.
  • Bank card.
  • Bank account.
  • Mobile phone account.
Account balance The counterparty's account balance in Yandex.Money when the report was generated.
Example of a report on successful payments

This report is sent daily. It contains all the successful operations for the day, according to the time in the Yandex.Money system. The date is shown in the report.

Download a sample: settlement_file_123456_11-09-2016_200000654321.xls

Example of an empty report

This report is sent if there weren't any successful operations on the specified date.

Download a sample: settlement_file_123456_08-09-2016_2000008765432.xls

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