Test process

Test payment s to wallets

For each of the test wallets, you need to complete:

  1. A request to check the ability to deposit funds.
  2. A transfer operation.
  3. A repeated transfer.
  4. A test of exceeding the one-time limit (make a one-time transfer in the amount of over 1,000 rubles).
  5. A test of exceeding the limit for a period (make multiple transfers, under 1,000 rubles each, with overall amount of over 5,000 rubles).
  6. A balance inquiry request.

Test payment s to cards

1. Post the test form for getting bank card information. Send the request to get a synonym to the test address.

Sample code for the test form to get a bank card synonym

<html><body><form action=https://demo-scrat.yamoney.ru/gates/card/storeCard method=post><input type=text name=skr_destinationCardNumber> <br><input type=hidden name=skr_responseFormat value=redirect> <br><input type=text name="skr_errorUrl" value="http://money.yandex.ru"> <br><input type=text name="skr_successUrl" value="http://money.yandex.ru"> <br> <input type=submit value="Save"></body></html>

2. Fill out the form as one of your customers would. Use the special test card.

3. Send a transfer request with the data you receive and the required parameters. Use the special test account (dstAccount).

4. Process the response from the Yandex.Money service and get the bank card synonym and mask.

Testing notifications of failed transfers


This is mandatory if you are planning to send transfers to bank cards, bank accounts, or mobile phones.

Notifications of failed transfers to a bank account, card, or mobile phone are sent in the errorDepositionNotification request. The address to send the request to must be specified in the Yandex.Checkout settings (a manager can do this for you).

To check how errorDepositionNotification works, make a test transfer to the bank card for the amount of 136.62 rubles. In this case, the transfer is processed normally, but after some time you will get a notification that the transfer failed. Make sure that the request was received and processed correctly.

Processing limits

When sending transfers, you need to consider the restrictions on the size of payments. The limits depend on where the money is being transferred to. All limits

Exceeded one-time limit

You can divide the transfer into multiple deposits. Or don't accept amounts over the limit (this is usually 15,000 rubles).

Exceeded limit for the period

You need to stop sending deposit requests and continue after 00:00. Only those transfers that haven't been sent yet will be sent successfully. If a payment is already registered in the database as exceeding the limit, you will need to send it with a new transaction number.

To solve the problem immediately, stop sending deposit requests as soon as you get the Exceeded limit for the period error and contact your manager.

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