Transfer to a Yandex.Money wallet

Operation for making a transfer to a Yandex.Money wallet The dstAccount parameter contains the wallet number, linked phone number, or the payment code. The paymentParams parameters contain data that is required for depositing to the appropriate Wallet.

Request parameters

This section describes only the parameters specific to transfers to Yandex.Money wallets. Other parameters are shared by all types of funds deposition (makeDeposition) requests




Mandatory parameters
dstAccount YMAccount

Identifier of the transfer recipient.

For transfers to a Yandex.Money wallet, the wallet number, phone number, or payment code can be used as the recipient's ID.

The user's Wallet number in Yandex.Money, such as 4100175017397. The length is 11 to 20 digits.

Phone number linked to a Yandex.Money Wallet. The money will be deposited to this Wallet. You can use mobile phone numbers provided by mobile carriers based in Russia and abroad. Recommended format for the number: 79217575400, 11 to 15 digits, no additional symbols or spaces. If the number starts with +, %, or other symbol, it will be cut off and only digits will be used.


If the ID passed is a phone number that isn't linked to a Yandex.Money Wallet, the money is deposited to this mobile phone account.

The payment code is generated in the Yandex.Money service. Format: row of digits with no spaces; may begin with 255, 256, 257, 50, 51. Maximum length is 20 digits.

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