Payment Methods

Passed in the "paymentType" parameter in the payment form. We recommend that you pass an empty value in this parameter, so the customer can choose the payment method on the Yandex.Checkout page.

Method code


Refund or chargeback

Invoice expiration date



Possible, full or partial 1 hour


Bank card

Possible, full or partial 1 hour


Direct carrier billing

Only full refund is possible



Not allowed Unrestricted
EP ERIP (Belarus) Not allowed Unrestricted



Possible, full or partial 31 days


Sberbank Online

Only full refund is possible Unrestricted


Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS)

Allowed (money is returned to the payer the next day)



Allowed (money is returned to the payer the next day) 7 days


Possible, full or partial


Promsvyazbank's online banking

Not allowed 24 hours
QW QIWI Wallet Possible, full or partial
CR Installment plan Only full refund is possible
2S Sberbank Business Online (B2B payments) Not allowed 3 days
More about refunds

You can make a refund using the order management web services and in the Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile.

Invoice expiration date with invoicing

When paying via internet banking or other external payment system, the user receives a request for payment (invoice) from Yandex.Checkout. In some systems, the invoice has a limited period of validity. If the user didn't complete the payment before the expiration date, the payment won't be processed, and the order should be canceled.

Invoice expiration date when paying via Sberbank Online

When paying via Sberbank Online (paymentType=SB), the invoice is valid for an unlimited period of time. If you are not ready to provide the service on an invoice that was paid too late, you will only need to respond with an error to the payment notification or cancel the successful payment.

Response for payments made via payment kiosks

When the user pays at a payment kiosk (paymentType=GP), there are two possible responses from Yandex.Checkout:

  1. If a user pays using a payment kiosk located in Russia, the paymentType=GP response is sent.
  2. If it is outside of the Russian Federation, the payment method is different: paymentType=OP.
  3. If it is made from Belarus via ERIP: paymentType=EP.
Payment limits

Restrictions on payment amounts in Yandex.Checkout