Enabling the Yandex.Passport API

To use the Yandex.Passport API in a web application, you need to:

  • Register the application on the oauth.yandex.com service.
  • Implement receiving and processing OAuth tokens in the application.
  • Provide an interface for users to log in via Yandex.
  1. Registering an application on oauth.yandex.com
  2. Obtaining OAuth tokens
  3. Overview of the OAuth protocol

Registering an application on oauth.yandex.com

Login via Yandex requires that you obtain an OAuth access token for each new user. In order to get OAuth tokens, websites and applications must register on the oauth.yandex.com service in the Create new client section.

This process is covered in detail in Registering an application in the documentation for the Yandex OAuth service.

Obtaining OAuth tokens

To get an OAuth token, follow the instructions for web applications.

The token that is obtained must be specified in every call to the Yandex.Passport API, either in the Authorization header, or in the value of the oauth_token HTTP parameter.

You should request an OAuth token for every new user of your website or application who logs in via Yandex.

Overview of the OAuth protocol

The Yandex implementation of the OAuth protocol is described in the API documentation.

To work with the protocol, you can use any of the available libraries for various programming languages.