Post Office API
Post Office is an email marketing tool for evaluating the effectiveness of mailings created in Yandex. The Post Office API allows you to get automated statistics on mailings.
Getting started
  1. Register your mailings in Post Office.
  2. Review the documentation.
  3. Register your application on Yandex and get an access token.
What the API provides
  • A list of your email domains and addresses registered in Post Office. The current stage of registration is shown for each of them.
  • Summary statistics on mailings from a specified domain or address: for each mailing, it lists the number of messages read, unread, deleted, and marked as spam.
  • Detailed statistics on a specified group of messages. A group can be formed by the domain or address, ID, or date of the mailing. Data is provided on the status of messages in users’ inboxes, the time when they were read, and social-demographic factors of the recipients.
  • The number of recipients who marked the mailing as spam, along with their addresses. The list is formed using the domain or address, ID, or date of mailing.
Terms of use
There is no restriction on the total number of requests to the Post Office API. However, if there are a large number of simultaneous requests, a delay is imposed on the API response.