API methods

The Post Office API provides the following resources for getting statistical information about mailings from mail domains and addresses registered by a user in Post Office.

Resource Response data
/reg-list Get a list of mail domains and email addresses entered by the user in Post Office. For each domain or address, the current status of the registration process is shown.
/stat-list Get a summary of statistics on mailings from the specified mail domain or address. For each mailing, the total number of messages with each status is shown: read, unread, marked as spam, deleted.
/stat-view Get detailed statistics for a set group of messages. The group is formed for a specified mail domain or address, ID, or mailing date. Data is output on the status of messages in recipients' mailboxes, the time when the message was read, and the socio-demographic characteristics of recipients.
/stat-bad Get the number and list of user email addresses that marked messages from the mailing as spam. The list is formed for the specified mail domain or address, ID, or mailing date.