To quickly integrate the SB API with a project implemented in Python, PHP or C#.Net, complete the following steps:
  1. Download library source files.

    Libraries are available for projects that are implemented using one of the following programming languages:

    Programming language Libraries available

    SafeBrowsing API Python Client Version 0.3.



    Note. For C++ projects, you can extract and re-use open code from code bases for the Mozilla Firefox and Chromium browsers.
  2. Make corrections to the source code of the selected library.

    The list of changes depends on the library and version you are using:

    Attention. Libraries are updated regularly. The names of files that contain the required parameters might not match the ones described here if you are using a different version of a library. In this case, you need to follow the general recommendations for changing parameters.
  3. Integrate a library function call in your project.
  4. Optional. Configure an output page containing detailed information about the suspected document.

    The page is called using an HTTP GET request in the following format:<language code for returning the information page (ISO 639-1 format)>&url=<address of the infected page>

After completing these steps, initialize downloading the SB database using the selected library. Download speed depends on data transfer capacity.