Initializer class

public  class  Initializer 

Class that initializes the library.

Initialization is an internal process for initializing internal SpeechKit mechanisms. Initialization must be performed once before using other library components.

Initialization may require executing lengthy read operations from permanent memory or network access, and generally takes a significant amount of time. This is why a special mechanism has been introduced for performing initialization when it is convenient for the user.

In the current implementation, the initializer sends a request to the server and gets a set of parameters and configurations in response (such as the audio format or parameters of the active voice detection algorithm), which are then used by other library components.

The initializer is designed to carry out a single startup and may not be reused.


Before creating Initializer objects, you must call SpeechKit.configure().


Initializer create(InitializerListener listener)

Creates a single-use initializer.

void finalize()
boolean isInitializationCompleted()

Checks whether initialization has already been performed.

void start()

Starts the initialization process.

Method descriptions


public static Initializer create (InitializerListener listener)

Creates a single-use initializer.

To start the initialization process, call the start() method.

Object that will receive notifications about the progress of initialization. Receives notifications about the start, end, and errors during initialization.


The created initializer.


protected void finalize ()


public static boolean isInitializationCompleted ()

Checks whether initialization has already been performed.


true - performed, false - not performed.


public void start ()

Starts the initialization process.