Voice activation technology

Voice activation technology launches voice entry in an app on command.

Previously, in order to launch voice interaction, the user had to press the “Microphone” button in the app interface. You can use voice activation technology to do this with a voice making a specific command.

Voice activation technology is based on Yandex speech recognition technology. This is a speech recognition system that operates locally on the device without using the internet and recognizes one or more activation commands in an incoming speech stream.

To optimize power consumption, the voice activation technology first analyzes incoming sounds for the presence of speech, and then enables the activation command search mode only after speech has been detected.

You can now choose the voice interaction activation command for any app that uses the SpeechKit Mobile SDK.



Using the technology

There are now two available models for voice activation:
  • Model 1 with the commands: “Buy a ticket”, “Go to email”, “Set alarm for 9 am”.
  • Model 2 with the commands: “Let's go”, “Cancel”.