_YSKSpeechErrorCode error codes

Contains descriptions of errors that may occur in various library components.

Error codes returned by the functions recognizer:didFailWithError: and initializer:didFailWithError:.




enum _YSKSpeechErrorCode

kYSKErrorOk= 0

No error.

kYSKErrorAPIKey= 1

Error verifying the API key.

kYSKErrorRecording= 2

Audio recording error.

kYSKErrorPlaying= 3

Audio production error.

kYSKErrorRecordingPermissions= 4

The app doesn't have permission to use the microphone.

kYSKErrorAudioInterrupted= 5

Stopped working with audio.

kYSKErrorEncoding= 6

Encoding error.

kYSKErrorNetwork= 7

Network error.

kYSKErrorServer= 8

Server-side error.

kYSKErrorCancelled= 9

Operation canceled.

kYSKErrorNoSpeech= 10

No speech detected.

kYSKErrorNoTextToSynthesize= 11

Error converting text to speech.

kYSKErrorNotAvailable= 12

Service is not available.

kYSKErrorBusy= 13

Another operation in progress.

kYSKErrorUnknown= 14

Unknown error.

kYSKErrorLanguageNotSupportedForModel= 15

The language is not supported for the selected model.