YSKErrorCode error codes

Contains descriptions of errors that may occur in various library components.

These codes are used in errors that are returned by the following methods: recognizer:didFailWithError:, vocalizer:didFailWithError:, phraseSpotter:didFailWithError:, audioSource:didFailWithError:, identificationRequest:didFailWithError:, registrationRequest:didFailWithError:.


Enumeration Detail


enum YSKErrorCode

Enumerator Initializer Description
YSKErrorInvalidApiKey = 1

Error verifying the API key.

YSKErrorAudioRecording = 2

Audio recording error.

YSKErrorAudioPlaying = 3

Audio production error.

YSKErrorRecordingPermissions = 4

The app doesn't have permission to use the microphone.

YSKErrorAudioInterrupted = 5

Stopped working with audio.

YSKErrorAudioEncoding = 6

Encoding error.

YSKErrorNetwork = 7

Network error.

YSKErrorServer = 8

Server-side error.

YSKErrorNoSpeechDetected = 9

No speech detected.

YSKErrorNoTextToSynthesize = 10

Error converting text to speech.

YSKErrorModel = 11

Error working with the model.

YSKErrorBiometry = 12

The biometric request (registration, identification) failed.

The error may be caused by the following reasons: not enough audio, problems working with the database, or incorrect audio format.

YSKErrorNativeRecognizerUnsupportedLanguage = 42

The Speech.framework platform recognition doesn't support the specified language.