Using the API

Using the Yandex.Taxi API you can get:

After you receive the data you need, generate a link which redirects the user to the Yandex.Taxi website or application to confirm the trip.

API access is provided by a key. To get a key, fill out the form on the API for price forecasting page.

The key can be transmitted in one of the following ways:

  • In the request header. To do this, add the value of the resulting key to the YaTaxi-Api-Key: <key value> header. Recommended method.
  • In the request parameter. To do this, add the value of the key received to the apikey=<key value> parameter.
    Attention. We do not recommend this method, since the token value may be saved in logs.

Working with the Yandex.Taxi API means accepting the terms of use.