Region information

This request is used for receiving information about Yandex.Taxi or Yango fares and services in the specified region.

  1. Request syntax
  2. Response field description
  3. Example query
  4. Example response
  5. Possible response codes

Request syntax



  • clid is the client ID. To get an ID, fill out the form on the API for price forecasting page. Required parameter.

  • apikey is the API key. To get a key, fill out the form on the API for price forecasting page. This parameter can be used instead of the YaTaxi-Api-Key header. If the YaTaxi-Api-Key header is not passed, the apikey parameter is mandatory.

    Attention. We do not recommend this method, since the token value might be saved in logs.
  • ll is coordinates of the region. Required parameter. Argument format:
    {region longitude}, {region latitude}

Response field description

Responses may contain the following fields:

Field Description Format
tariffs List of fare classes supported in the region. If the specified region is not supported by Yandex services.Taxi or Yango, the array will be empty. Array.
class Class ID. Possible values:
  • econom: “Economy”.
  • business: “Comfort”.
  • comfortplus: “Comfort+”.
  • minivan: “Minivan”.
  • vip: “Business”.
supported_requirements List of services provided in the region. Array.
name ID of the service. Possible values:
  • yellowcarnumber for a car with yellow number plates.
  • nosmoking for a driver that does not smoke.
  • childchair for the driver to have a child seat in the car.
  • bicycle for transporting bicycles.
  • conditioner for the car to have an air conditioner.
  • animaltransport for transporting animals.
  • universal for a station wagon.
  • check for where a receipt of payment is required.
  • ski for transporting skis or snowboards.
  • waiting_in_transit for time spent idle whilst travelling.
  • meeting_arriving for meeting the rider with a sign.
  • luggage for paid transportation of baggage.

Example query


Example response

An example of a response to a request for region information looks like this:

    "tariffs": [
            "class": "econom", 
            "supported_requirements": [
                  "name": "conditioner" 
                    "name": "childchair"
        }, …

Possible response codes

The response to this request may contain the following response codes:

  • 200: request completed successfully.
  • 400: request parameters were omitted or incorrect.
  • 403: authorization error. Invalid API key or client ID values.
  • 500: internal server error.

In case of code errors 400 and 403, the body of the response will contain a message about the error.