Check tasks

You can review assignments manually and reject them if they weren't completed satisfactorily. To accept or reject received responses, change the status of the task suite using a PATCH request to the resource /assignments/<task suite assignment ID>:

  • Accept responses: change SUBMITTED to ACCEPTED.

  • Reject responses: change SUBMITTED to REJECTED.

  • Change a rejection decision: change REJECTED to ACCEPTED.

To re-send rejected tasks to be completed by other users, add a quality control rule to the pool (see Resending tasks for completion).


PATCH /api/v1/assignments/<assignment ID>
Authorization: OAuth <OAuth token>
Content-Type: application/JSON

  "status": "ACCEPTED",
  "public_comment"Good job!"


The response contains the changed values of fields:

  "status": "ACCEPTED",
  "public_comment": "Good job!"