How do I get alternative translations?

If you want to get other variants of the translation or a dictionary entry, enable and use the Dictionary API.

Where and how should I display the text “Powered by Yandex.Translate”?

You can find detailed information in the section Requirements for the use of translation results.

How can I increase the request limit?

The daily request limit is 1,000,000 characters. The monthly limit is 10,000,000 characters. To increase the request limit, switch to the fee-based version of the service.

Fees for using the paid service are listed on the Pricing page. If you agree to the fees, use the feedback form to send a request to switch to the fee-based version.

Can I use the free 10 million characters when switching to the fee-based version?

No, you can't.

If you switch to using the fee-based version of the service, the calculation starts from zero and depends on the number of characters in requests per calendar month.

Example. During a calendar month, requests were made with a total of 8,000,000 characters. According to the rates, 1 million characters costs 15 U.S. dollars. At the end of the month, you receive an invoice for $120 (15 × 8).

For more information about how we calculate costs, see the Pricing page.

I get an error when accessing the API. What should I do?

If you got an error message when processing a request:

  • Check whether all special characters are escaped in the text parameter.
  • Check whether the request string has any extra spaces.
  • Make sure you are using the correct key.

    The key for the Yandex.Translate API begins with the characters trnsl.

  • If you got a 404 error, increase your request limit.

If none of these solutions helped, use the feedback form to send us a message.

My question is related to something else

If none of these solutions helped, use the feedback form to send us a message.

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