Managing the display of Turbo pages

Turning on Turbo pages

Attention. For each site, you can turn on up to 10 sources. In total, for the main domain and its subdomains you can turn on up to 60 sources.

To have Turbo pages shown in the search results:

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to Turbo pages → Data sources.
  2. Switch the option next to the data source to On .
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.

Turning off Turbo pages

The method to turn off Turbo pages depends on the method by which they were formed:

To turn off the display of Turbo pages, add the turbo="false" attribute in the item element of the desired page.

    <item turbo="false">
Copied to clipboard
URL of the page for which you want to turn off the Turbo page dicplay.

The Turbo page will be disabled within a few days. The basic or mobile version of the site is displayed instead.

Note. If you use a plugin to generate the RSS feed, contact the plugin developers or the CMS support service to find out how you can disable Turbo pages.

Removing a data source from Yandex.Webmaster

If you remove an RSS feed from Yandex.Webmaster, the Turbo pages are still included in the search results. Learn more about turning off the display in the Disable Turbo pages section.

To remove a data source from Yandex.Webmaster, go to the Turbo pages → Data sources section, click the icon next to the source.