My site now has Turbo pages

    What are Turbo pages and how are they generated?

    Turbo pages are light versions of your site's pages that open quickly on mobile devices. According to Yandex data, more than 40% of users use 3G internet connections. At this speed, basic versions of site pages can take up to 15 seconds to load. Turbo pages load about 15 times faster than pages from the original site version. For more information, see About the Turbo page technology.

    Turbo pages are generated for sites that appear in Yandex search results. They can be generated automatically with Autoparsing β. Also, you can pass the Turbo page content via an RSS feed.

    You can change the page header appearance, edit CSS styles, and add elements. For more information, see Additional settings.

    Why should I use Turbo pages?
    • Turbo pages load faster than basic or mobile versions of site pages. The faster the site loads, the more likely the user is to stay on the page and find the information needed.
    • The load on the server is lower. When a Turbo page is formed, its content is cached and stored on the Yandex server. When the user opens a Turbo page, it loads from the same server.
    • This technology helps to adapt pages to mobile devices without editing the code.
    • Page changes are tracked automatically.

    For more information, see About technology.

    Where Turbo pages are displayed
    Automatically generated Turbo pages are used:
    • In Yandex search results.
    • In the Yandex Zen feed, if you post there.

    For Turbo pages to start displaying, turn them on in Yandex.Webmaster.

    How do I view examples of Turbo pages?

    You can do this in Yandex.Webmaster:

    1. Go to Turbo pages → Data sources in Yandex.Webmaster.
    2. In the Autoparsing section, click the Examples button. A window will open with several examples of Turbo pages generated for your site.
    How do I edit a generated Turbo page?

    You can send information for the Turbo page through the RSS feed. The content you send for a Turbo page must match the main content of the source page on your site.

    Do the web analytics tags installed on the site work on Turbo pages?
    If tracking tags are installed on your site, they aren't added to the Turbo version of the pages automatically. Add popular tags to all generated Turbo pages in Yandex.Webmaster.
    Are ads from the site shown on Turbo pages?

    If you use ads on your site, they are not shown on Turbo versions of your pages automatically. Add advertising in Yandex.Webmaster. It is displayed on all Turbo pages generated for your site.

    You can add Yandex advertising network ad blocks, or connect other advertising systems using ADFOX.

    I'm already sending an RSS feed for generating Turbo pages. Are Turbo pages created automatically for my site?

    If you are already sending an RSS feed for Turbo page generation, Autoparsing can form the missing pages automatically.

    If one site page has two Turbo versions (one from the RSS feed and one that was automatically generated), the priority is given to the version generated via the RSS feed.