Accordion is a list where each item can be expanded or collapsed. Accordion allows you to create easy navigation for pages with a lot of content.

To place an accordion, use the nested div elements:
<div data-block="accordion">
   <div data-block="item" ...>...</div>

<div data-block="accordion">
   <div data-block="item" data-title="Moscow">First block content</div>
   <div data-block="item" data-title="Saint Petersburg" data-expanded="true">Second block content</div>
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The attributes of the nested <div data-block="feed-item">:

Attribute Description
data-title * Name of the list item.

Displays the element expanded. Possible values:

  • true — The element is displayed expanded.
  • false — The element is displayed collapsed.

By default, all elements are collapsed.

*Required attribute.