Comment block

To place a block of extra content, use the nested tag structure <div>:
<div data-block="comments" ...>
    <div data-block="comment" ...>
        <div data-block="content">...</div>
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The number of nesting levels is unlimited.

Note. The first 40 comments are processed (the content of the div element with the comment value in the data-block attribute).
Attribute Description
data-block *
Take the following values:
  • comments — The comments list block.
  • comment — A comment in the list.
  • content — The comment content of the comment.
data-author * Takes the author value — The name of the comment's author.
data-avatar-url Link to the avatar of the comment's author. The picture must be in JPG or PNG format, no less than 64 × 64 pixels.
data-subtitle Additional line (for example, for the comment date.) Placed under the author's name.
data-url Used only in the top level div element. Link to the page for adding comments.

*Required attribute.

The content of the comment:

Element Description

The comment title. Placed above the comment text.

HTML elements Supported HTML elements
 <div data-block="comments" data-url="">
       <div data-block="content">
           <header>ЗFirst comment header</header>
               <b>Text</b>of the comment
              <a href="">Link text</a>
       <div data-block="comments"> 
               <!--Reply to the first comment-->
       <div data-block="content">
           <!--Content of the second comment-->