Feedback form

You can add a feedback form to the Turbo page. The form fields are predefined:
  • Phone.
  • Name.
  • Question.
You can place the form in several ways:
  • In the special feedback block.
  • In the page text.
  • As a button.

In this case, use the form element with the following attributes:
Attribute Description
data-type Take the callback value.
data-send-to *
Allows you to specify the email address to send the user's message to.
Note. Enter an email address that's located on your domain. If you don't have such an email address, you can use Yandex.Mail for domain to create one.
data-agreement-company ** Lets you specify your organization's legal name. For example, “Chamomile” LLC.
data-agreement-link *** Allows you to specify a link to the user agreement on providing feedback.

*Required attribute.

** This attribute is required if you specified the data-agreement-link attribute.

*** This attribute is required if you specified data-agreement-company attribute.

 data-agreement-company="LLC Camomile"