Feedback form

You can add a feedback form to the Turbo page. The form fields are predefined:
  • Phone.
  • Name.
  • Question.
You can place the form in several ways:
  • In the special feedback block.
  • In the page text.
  • As a button.

In this case, use the form element with the following attributes:
Attribute Description
data-type Take the callback value.
data-send-to *
Allows you to specify the email address to send the user's message to.
Note. Use the address located on your domain, not on third-party email services. If you don't have such an address, use intermediary services, for example Yandex.Mail for domain.
data-agreement-company ** Lets you specify your organization's legal name. For example, “Chamomile” LLC.
data-agreement-link *** Allows you to specify a link to the user agreement on providing feedback.

*Required attribute.

** This attribute is required if you specified the data-agreement-link attribute.

*** This attribute is required if you specified data-agreement-company attribute.

 data-agreement-company="LLC Camomile"