Block of links to additional materials

To place a block of additional materials, use the nested structure of elements div:
<div data-block="feed">
    <div data-block="feed-item" ...></div>
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The root <div data-block="feed"> must contain at least one nested <div data-block="feed-item">.

<div data-block="feed" data-layout="horizontal" data-title="Read more">
    <div data-block="feed-item"
        data-description="5 reasons to visit the capital of South Australia">
    <div data-block="feed-item"
        data-title="The best city in the world and the capital of New South Wales">
You can insert an unlimited number of these blocks anywhere on the Turbo page.

External attributes <div data-block="feed">:

Attribute Description
data-layout Link list orientation. Possible values:
  • horizontal — Links are placed horizontally.
  • vertical — Links are placed vertically.

The default value is vertical.

data-title Link block title.

The default value is “See also”.

The attributes of the nested <div data-block="feed-item">:
Attribute Description
data-href * The page URL.
data-title * The link text
data-description Short description.
data-thumb The link to the picture.
Attention. This attribute is required when placing links horizontally: data-layout="horizontal".

The image position. Possible values:

  • left.
  • right.
  • top.

The default value is left.

The attribute is ignored when links are placed horizontally: data-layout="horizontal".

The picture proportions. Possible values:
  • 1 × 1.
  • 2 × 3.
  • 3 × 2;
  • 3 × 4.
  • 4 × 3.
  • 16 × 9.
  • 16 × 10.

By default, images on the left and on the right are displayed in 1 × 1 format. Images on the top are displayed in 16 × 9 format.

*Required attribute.