Search on the site and in the search engines

You can add a site search bar on the Turbo page that passes the search query to the search engines. Search results open in a separate window.

<form action="{text}" method="GET">
    <input type="search" name="text" placeholder="Search for good recipes" />
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Attribute Description
action *

The site or the search engine URL{text}

For example, to search in Yandex{text}&
Where do I find the search engine URL
  1. Enter any search query in the search engine.
  2. Transform the URL you got to the link that looks like:{text}.
method Takes only the GET value.
name * Name of the query parameter in which the search query is passed. For example, Yandex uses the text parameter:{text}
type * Takes only the search value.
placeholder The text displayed in the search bar by default.

*Required attribute.