Adding InPage video ads

InPage is a banner that plays a video ad. Learn more in the YAN documentation.

The InPage block is placed on the page using AutoFill.

Follow these steps to enable ads:

Step 1. Creating an ad block

To create the InPage block:
  1. Add a video resource in the Yandex Advertising network. To do this, contact the YAN support service. In your message, indicate that you want to add a video resource for Turbo pages.

    When your request is processed, you will receive the result by email.

  2. Copy the ID of the created block and use it when turning on ads. ID has the R-A-123456-7 format.
To display the InPage block on Turbo pages, add the and domains in the mirror list of the video resource:
  1. In the Yandex Advertising Network interface, go to Products → Resources.
  2. Click the Edit button next to the video resource for which you created the InPage block.
  3. In the Mirrors block, enter and click Add. Then add
  4. Save changes. After saving, the list of domains will be sent for moderation. When moderation is completed, you will receive the result by email.

Step 2. Adding and checking

To connect an InPage block:

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, open Turbo pages → Settings → Advertising.
  2. In the Ad blocks in your content block, click the Add button and choose InPage.
  3. Enter the block ID in the InPage field, for example, R-VI-123456-7.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Check the block display on the sample Turbo page.