Payment settings

Turn on payment to simplify the purchase process for customers. They will be able to place orders and pay for them right on the Turbo pages. To do this, turn on the Yandex.Checkout service and register in the Online payment system.
Примечание. Online payments on Turbo pages are charged by the Yandex.Checkout standard rates.

Conditions for setting up the payment form and using the personal account for recipients are available in the Legal tools section.

Enabling payments

Внимание. To use payment options, enable Shopping cart on Turbo.
To enable payments:
  1. Set up sending the VAT rate using one of these methods:
    • In the VAT element of the YML file.
    • In the  →  → Payment section in Yandex.Webmaster. This VAT will be applied to all products by default.
  2. Register in the Online payment system. For more information, see the Registration section of the Online payment system help.
  3. In Online payment system, go to the Payment access page and copy the ID.
  4. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to the  →  → Payment page.
  5. In the Online payment system block, enter the ID and click .
  6. Go back to the Online payment system, the Access to payment page and confirm access for the turbo service.
  7. In Yandex.Webmaster, on the  →  → Payment page, turn on online payment and click Save.
  8. Check how payment works in the example on the right. When placing an order, the Online with card payment method should appear.

If the payment is off, find out the reason in the Online payment system. After you solve the problem, payment on Turbo pages will turn on automatically.