The Yandex.Weather API allows you to get weather data automatically. The amount of data you get depends on the pricing plan you choose.

In the Current weather and forecast section, you can see the formats for HTTP requests and API responses for various pricing plans.

Getting started

To start using the Yandex.Weather API:

  1. Review the API rates.
  2. Go to the Developer Dashboard, choose Yandex.Weather API and fill out the form.

  3. Accept the terms of use and get your API key.

    By default, you will get a key for the “Test” rate. To choose the “Yandex.Weather on your site” rate, go to the Finance section of the Developer Dashboard and click Switch.

    Attention. If you switched to the “Yandex.Weather on your site” rate, you will not be able to switch back to the “Test” rate.
  4. When sending requests to the API, add the value of the key you receive to the X-Yandex-API-Key: <key value> request header.

If something went wrong, use the feedback form.