API pricing

Compare the Yandex.Weather API rates given in the table:

Rate Cost Request limit Forecast

Weather on your site

Free of charge if you follow the terms of use.

50 per day.

Current weather and the following two periods.

Not billed for first 30 days.

5,000 per day.

7 days.

More information about rates and terms of use:

Weather on your site

The rate to display weather data on websites (as an alternative to ready-made widgets). Allows you to get the actual weather values and forecast for the next two periods (night, morning, daytime or evening). The limit on requests is 50 per day.

API access is provided subject to the terms of use:

  • You must display the Yandex.Weather logo or the text “Yandex.Weather” next to the weather data. The logo or text should be placed against a white or black opaque background and link to the Yandex.Weather home page for your city (for example, https://yandex.ru/pogoda/moscow). The recommended font is Arial with a font size of 15 px and 2 px line spacing.
  • The data source must be specified: “Yandex.Weather” or “According to Yandex.Weather”. The recommended font is Arial.
Example of how weather data should be displayed:

Option for those who want to learn more about the features of the Yandex.Weather API. With the “Test” rate, you will get detailed information about your region, current weather data, and 7-day forecasts for 30 days. There are no terms of use. The limit on requests is 5,000 per day.

If you exceed the daily request limit weather data will not be accessible until the beginning of the next day:
  • Responses to API requests will contain messages with 403 errors.
  • In the Developer Dashboard you will see the message “You have exceeded the maximum number of requests per day for your rate”.

If none of the rates meets your needs, write to api-weather@support.yandex.ru. Please include the following in your email:
  • The weather data (temperature, wind direction, and so on) that you need.
  • The regions that you need data for.
  • How you plan to use this data and what your goals are.
  • The approximate number of API requests per day.