Overview of the API resources

API resources

The Yandex.Webmaster API has the following main resources:

The table below shows a list of API resources and possible operations:

/v3/user Getting the user ID
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/ Getting a list of a user's sites Adding a site
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/ Getting information about a site Deleting a site
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/summary/ Getting site statistics
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/verification/ Getting information about site verification Start the rights verification process
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/owners/ Getting a list of users who have verified rights
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/original-texts/ Getting a list of original texts Adding an original text
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/original-texts/{text-id}/ Removing an original text
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/sitemaps/ Getting a list of sitemap files
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/sitemaps/{sitemap-id}/ Getting information about a sitemap file
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/user-added-sitemaps/ Getting a list of sitemaps added by the user Adding a sitemap file
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/user-added-sitemaps/{sitemap-id}/ Getting information about a sitemap added by the user Removing a sitemap
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/indexing-history/ Getting the site indexing history
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/tic-history/ Getting TIC history
/v3/user/{user-id}/hosts/{host-id}/search-queries/popular/ Getting information about popular queries