Getting a list of original texts


Gets a list of all original texts from the site that were added to Yandex.Webmaster.

Request format

Send a GET request to the operation address for the original-texts resource for the user's site:


Path parameters

Name Required Type Default value Description
user-id Yes int64 The user ID.
host-id Yes host id Site ID.

Query arguments

Name Required Type Default value Description
Offset No int32 0 Offset in the resulting list. The minimum value is 0.
Limit No int32 10 Page size (1-100).

Response format

If successful, the server returns 200 OK and a list of the site's original texts


  "original_texts": [
      "id": "explicit error message",
      "content_snippet": "explicit error message",
      "date": "2016-01-01T00:00:00,000+0300"
    }, ...
  "count": 1,
  "quota_remainder": 1
Name Required Type Description
id Yes string ID of an original text.
content_snippet Yes string Extract from the original text.
Date No yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss,sssZ Date when the original text was added.
count Yes int32 The number of original texts added.
quota_remainder Yes int32 The remainder of the daily quota for the number of added texts.


403 Forbidden

The user ID for the token doesn't match the one specified in the request. In the examples below, {user_id} is the correct uid for the owner of the OAuth token.

  "error_code": "INVALID_USER_ID",
  "available_user_id": 1,
  "error_message": "Invalid user id. {user_id} should be used."
Parameter Description
error_code Error code.
available_user_id ID of the user who allowed access.
error_message Error message.

404 Not Found

The site isn't in the list of the user's sites, or rights to the site haven't been verified.

  "error_code": "HOST_NOT_VERIFIED",
  "host_id": "",
  "error_message": "explicit error message"
Parameter Description
error_code Error code.
host_id The ID of the requested site.
error_message Error message.