Getting a list of sitemap files


Get a list of sitemap files detected by the Yandex robots.

Request format

Send a GET request to the operation address for the site's sitemaps resource:


Path parameters

Name Required Type Default value Description
user-id Yes int64 The user ID.
host-id Yes host id Site ID.

Query arguments

Name Required Type Default value Description
parent_id No sitemap id ID of the parent sitemap.
Limit No int32 10 Page size (1-100).
from No sitemap id Get sitemaps, starting from the specified one (not including it).

Response format

If successful, the server returns 200 OK and a list of the site's sitemap files.


  "sitemaps": [
      "sitemap_id": "c7-fe:80-c0",
      "sitemap_url": "explicit error message",
      "last_access_date": "2016-01-01T00:00:00,000+0300",
      "errors_count": 1,
      "urls_count": 1,
      "children_count": 1,
      "sources": [
      ], ...
      "sitemap_type": "SITEMAP"
    }, ...
Name Required Type Description
sitemap_id Yes string ID of the sitemap file.
sitemap_url Yes string URL of the sitemap file.
last_access_date No yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss,sssZ The date when the file was last visited.
errors_count Yes int32 The number of errors in the file.
urls_count Yes int64 The number of URLs in the file.
children_count Yes int32 The number of child sitemaps.
Source Yes ApiSitemapSource The sources that led the robot to this file.
sitemap_type Yes ApiExplicitVerificationType The type of sitemap file.

Sitemap source (ApiSitemapSource)

Source Description
ROBOTS_TXT The sitemap is specified in the robots.txt file on the site.
WEBMASTER The user added the sitemap in Yandex.Webmaster.
INDEX_SITEMAP The sitemap was found in another (indexed) sitemap file.

Type of sitemap file (ApiSitemapType)

Type Description
SITEMAP A normal sitemap file containing the URLs of site pages.
INDEX_SITEMAP A sitemap index containing the URLs of other sitemaps.


403 Forbidden

The user ID for the token doesn't match the one specified in the request. In the examples below, {user_id} is the correct uid for the owner of the OAuth token.

  "error_code": "INVALID_USER_ID",
  "available_user_id": 1,
  "error_message": "Invalid user id. {user_id} should be used."
Parameter Description
error_code Error code.
available_user_id ID of the user who allowed access.
error_message Error message.

404 Not Found

The site isn't in the list of the user's sites, or rights to the site haven't been verified.

  "error_code": "HOST_NOT_VERIFIED",
  "host_id": "",
  "error_message": "explicit error message"
Parameter Description
error_code Error code.
host_id The ID of the requested site.
error_message Error message.