Getting a list of a user's sites


Gets a list of sites added by the user, with general information about each of them.

Request format

Send a GET request to the address of the resource for user site lists:


Path parameters

Name Required Type Default value Description
user-id Yes int64 The user ID.

Response format

If successful, the server returns 200 OK and the list of sites with information about each of them.


  "hosts": [
      "host_id": "",
      "ascii_host_url": "http://xn--d1acpjx3f.xn--p1ai/",
      "unicode_host_url": "http://яндекс.рф/",
      "verified": true,
      "main_mirror": {
        "host_id": "",
        "verified": true,
        "ascii_host_url": "http://xn--d1acpjx3f.xn--p1ai/",
        "unicode_host_url": "http://яндекс.рф/"
    }, ...
Name Required Type Description
host_id Yes host id Site ID.
ascii_host_url Yes string ASCII URL of the site.
unicode_host_url No string UTF-8 URL of the site.
verified Yes ApiVerificationState Error description for the VERIFICATION_FAILED status.
main_mirror Yes ApiVerificationFailReason The reason that verification failed.

The status of verifying site management rights (ApiVerificationState)

Status Description
NONE Verification wasn't performed, and site management rights weren't confirmed.
VERIFIED Rights were verified.
IN_PROGRESS Rights are in the process of being verified.
VERIFICATION_FAILED Site management rights were checked, but not confirmed.
INTERNAL_ERROR An unexpected error occurred during verification.

The reasons why site management rights weren't confirmed (ApiVerificationFailReason)

Reason for refusal Description
DELEGATION CANCELLED Canceled delegation of site management rights.
DNS_RECORD_NOT_FOUND The specified DNS record does not exist.
META_TAG_NOT_FOUND Missing metatag in the header on the site's main page.
PDD_VERIFICATION_CANCELLED This site does not allow verifying rights via Mail for Domains.
WHOIS_EMAIL_NOT_FOUND The specified email address does not exist in the WHOIS record for this site.
WRONG_HTML_PAGE_CONTENT Invalid HTML file content.


403 Forbidden

The user ID for the token doesn't match the one specified in the request. In the examples below, {user_id} is the correct uid for the owner of the OAuth token.

  "error_code": "INVALID_USER_ID",
  "available_user_id": 1,
  "error_message": "Invalid user id. {user_id} should be used."
Parameter Description
error_code Error code.
available_user_id ID of the user who allowed access.
error_message Error message.