Restrictions and requirements

Yandex.XML provides access to Russian, Turkish, and Worldwide types of search. The desired search type is selected during registration.

The search type determines the ranking formula, the set of documents that are searched (the search base), and the restrictions that are applied to usage of Yandex.XML.

The following types of restrictions are applied:

  • Limit to the number of IP addresses that are associated with the account (by default, one).
  • Daily limits on the number of search queries sent. If the IP address changes, the limit applies to the total number of queries sent from all network addresses.

The following table provides information about how restrictions depend on the search type and other conditions.

Condition“Russian” search type“Turkish” search type“Worldwide” search type
Telephone number is not confirmed.

Restrictions cannot be changed.

10 search queries per day.

10 search queries per day.

Telephone number confirmed.
Restriction. One telephone number may be confirmed no more than once, and only for a single account.

Restrictions cannot be changed.

10,000 search queries per day.

10,000 search queries per day.

The website is registered in the  Yandex.Webmaster service.

The number of search queries allowed is determined individually for each user. Restrictions depend on the sites registered in  Yandex.Webmaster.

The following types of limits are also applied:

Restrictions cannot be changed.

Restrictions cannot be changed.

License agreement
Changing restrictions (increasing the maximum number of queries per day and IP addresses allowed)
Become a partner of the Yandex Advertising Network.

Contact a Yandex representative and discuss how to extend your use of Yandex.XML features.

Contact a Yandex representative and discuss how to extend your use of Yandex.XML features.

To get information about additional features of Yandex.XML and how to get access to them, contact a Yandex representative.

For each search query, no more than 1000 results are returned.

When using the service, follow the requirements for formatting results and the recommendations for protection from robots.

Hourly limits for the “Russian” search type

For the “Russian” search type, additional hourly limits may be imposed that are calculated as percentages of the daily query limit. The limits can differ from hour to hour and are set individually for each Yandex.XML user.

Use one of the following methods to obtain the information about hourly limits after registration:


The daily limit on the number of queries for a site is 1000. During each hour in the period from 7:00 to 19:00, no more than 5% of the queries for this limit can be sent (50 queries).

Even if there were no search queries sent from the account in the period from 0:00 to 7:00, no more than 50 queries can be sent during each hour from 7:00 to 19:00. In total, no more than 600 queries can be sent over this period.

Restrictions on the number of queries per second for the “Russian” search type

For the “Russian” search type, additional limits may be applied to the number of requests sent per second (RPS).

The number of queries allowed per second () depends on the hourly limit () and is calculated using the formula:

Exceeding this threshold might lead to errors (up until the next second).