Operation status

Copying, moving and deleting non-empty folders can take some time. The response to each of these requests contains the URL of the operation status. The URL format and the format of the status description are documented below.

Request format

Use the GET method to send a request for operation status. The URL for this request (including the ID) is returned in the response if the requested operation might take some time (for example, in the case of copying).

https://cloud-api.yandex.net/v1/disk/operations/<operation ID>

Response format

If the request was processed without errors, the API responds with the 200 OK code and returns the operation status in the response body, in the Operation object.

Sample response:

{  "status":"success"}
Response elements
Element Description

The status of the operation. Possible values:

  • success — Operation completed successfully.
  • failure — Operation failed; try repeating the initial request to copy, move or delete.
  • in-progress — Operation started but not yet completed.