Error handling

When calling a method, errors and warnings may occur:

  • Errors that prevent the request from being executed: invalid request format (including omission of a required parameter), invalid token, API server unavailable, and so on.

  • Errors and warnings when performing an action with one of the objects in the request that do not affect the success of the operation with other objects. For more information about operation errors, see the section Operations with object arrays.

Codes and descriptions for errors and warnings are listed in the section Errors and warnings.

Note. The language for error messages is defined in the Accept-Language request header.

Request execution errors

If the request cannot be executed, the following structure is returned:

    <ns3:FaultResponse xmlns:ns3="">
Fault object
faultstringstringTextual message about the error.
detailApiExceptionMessageInformation about the error.
ApiExceptionMessage object
requestIdstringUnique request ID assigned by the Yandex.Direct API server. It is also passed in the Request-ID HTTP header.
errorCodeintNumeric error code.
errorDetailstringDetailed description of the error.