Bid adjustment (BidModifier)

Bid adjustment lets you raise or lower the bid when ads are displayed to a certain audience. For more information, see Bid adjustments in the Help for Yandex.Direct.

Types of adjustments

You can modify bids using the following types of adjustments:

  • Mobile adjustment — A bid coefficient that is applied when displaying ads on mobile phones.

    Restriction. Mobile adjustments can't be created for campaigns and ad groups for mobile app advertising.
  • Gender and age adjustments — A set of audience segments with specified demographic characteristics and bid coefficients that are applied when displaying ads to users from each segment. The segments must not match or overlap within the same set of segments.

  • Bid adjustment for website users — A set of retargeting lists and bid coefficients that are applied when displaying ads to users who meet a condition. For more information about retargeting lists, see the section Retargeting list (RetargetingList).

  • Regional bid adjustment — A set of regions and bid coefficients that are applied when displaying ads in these regions.

  • Video adjustment — A bid coefficient that is applied when showing ads with video extensions.

    Restriction. You can only create video adjustments for campaigns and groups of text and image ads.

Adjustment levels

You can set bid adjustments for mobile phones, videos, gender and age, and website users either on the ad group level or on the campaign level.

Regional bid adjustments can only be set on the campaign level.

In display campaigns, adjustments can only be set on the group level.

Disabling adjustments

You can enable or disable the gender and age adjustments, bid adjustments for website users, and regional bid adjustments.

This immediately enables or disables the entire set of the selected type of adjustments for a specific ad group, or for a specific campaign.

How adjustments are applied

  1. If a campaign has a manual bid management strategy set up, adjustments are applied to the bids set by the advertiser.

    If a campaign has an automatic strategy set up, Yandex.Direct applies the adjustments when managing bids. If strategy parameters specify the maximum bid, adjustments are also applied to this maximum. In other words, the system won't set a bid that is higher than the adjusted maximum bid. If the average CPC or CPA is specified, adjustments are not applied to it.

  2. If an ad group has at least one adjustment set (and this type of adjustment is not disabled), the same type of adjustments set for the campaign are not applied when displaying ads from this group.

  3. If a user is selected by multiple retargeting lists that have adjustments set for them, the largest coefficient is applied.

  4. If adjustments are set for a higher-level region and a lower-level (nested) region, ad displays in the lower-level region use the coefficient for the lower-level region.

  5. Multiple types of adjustments can be applied to a bid simultaneously. In this case, the coefficients are multiplied.

  6. An adjusted bid can't be less than the minimum or more than the maximum value for the advertiser's currency. See Minimum and maximum CPC.