Feed (Feed)

The Feed object contains information about products and services. For more information, see Feed management in the Help for Yandex.Direct.

Requirements for feeds uploaded via the API

  • Acceptable size: the feed size is limited by the maximum size of the request (50 MB).
  • Valid file extensions: xml, csv, tsv, yml, xls, xlsx, gz, zip.

Business type for feed

To upload a feed, you must select the type of business that you are advertising.

Type of business Description

Sales of electronics and accessories, appliances, industrial equipment, clothes, furniture, gardening products, sporting goods, construction materials, children's goods, tires and disks, cosmetics and perfumes, etc.


Hotel reservations.


Real estate sales.


Sales of new and used cars.


Sale of airplane tickets.


Goods and services that don't fit the other business types.