Parameters of groups and ads

Parameter name in Live 4 Parameter name in version 5 Service in version 5
AdGroupID Id AdGroups
AdGroupName Name AdGroups
BannerID Id Ads
Title Title Ads
Text Text Ads
Href Href Ads
Domain DisplayDomain Ads
Geo RegionIds AdGroups
ContactInfo and nested elements See Parameters of VCards VCards
Phrases See Parameters of keywords, bids, and position prices Keywordsand Bids
StatusActivating, StatusArchive, StatusBannerModerate, StatusShow, IsActive Status, StatusClarificationsandState (for more information, see Status and state of an ad) Ads
StatusPhrasesModerate Status AdGroups
StatusPhoneModerate VCardModeration Ads
StatusAdImageModerate AdImageModeration Ads
StatusSitelinksModerate SitelinksModeration Ads
Sitelinks Parameters of sitelink sets Sitelinks
AdWarnings AdCategories Ads
FixedOnModeration No longer relevant
ModerateRejectionReasons StatusClarification Ads
MinusKeywords NegativeKeywords AdGroups
AgeLabel AgeLabel Ads
AdImageHash AdImageHash Ads
AutoMinusWords Not supported